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Touch Feedback Kiosks

Touch Feedback Kiosks – Branding Ready Version

Super cool touch screen lets customers tell you what they think and give their details

We’ll brand the kiosk to look like you’ve made it, with your logo and everything. Arent we awesome?

Your kiosk will look attractive and catch your customers eye

Touch Feedback Kiosks Light

Almost like the above, but this is just cooler, smaller, thinner, more mobile option

Table Top Feedback Unit Options

10 inch table – mount feedback kiosk

7 inch table – mount feedback kiosk

10 inch table – mount feedback kiosk with swivel

Benefits of Kiosk With Tablet

– Enhances Customer Experiences and Relations

Giving your customers easy ways to give you feedback will enhance their experience and their relationship with your brand. 

– Reduce Overhead Costs

Giving your customers an easy point to give feedback and express their feelings will allow you to minimize staff members. 

– Improve Sales

By showing your customers you care about their experience and opinions you will build customer loyally and ultimately get customers to come back. 

– Gathers Feedback

The greatest thing about using these kiosks is that you can easily collect feedback from your customers to understand how they are feeling.

– Instantly Available Feedback

Following on the previous point, the feedback you receive is instantly available to you and your team. Our kiosk stands sends you the feedback instantly and allows you to react to it.

– Promotes Loyalty

Asking your customers you care about their experience and feedback will build customer loyalty. Your customers will appreciate a brand that cares, and then reacts, to their feedback.  

– Company Branding on Tablet and Stands

Our Kiosks with Tablet can be branded with your company logo and branding. Our Tablet questionnaires are also customized to fit and represent your brand. Giving you another chance to connect with your clients. 

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