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Allow your customers to feel safe giving service feedback using our unique ‘smiley’ face customer service feedback terminals. The service feedback pads make it easy, convenient and non-threatening for clients or patrons to give feedback on their service experience.

The Power of Quality Customer Service

Choose from two options in terms of how the customer feedback is received and how the value is generated from the feedback terminals:

Immediate Response

The Immediate Response Customer Service Pads are linked to each manager’s handset using Telegram. Using a message group when there is poor customer service, managers informed when the poor customer service button is pushed.

By taking steps to intervene and implement service recovery, the customer service rating can be changed around and the customer will be satisfied.

The immediate response gives customers a voice enabling them to tell you when they need help. Staff are with real-time notification to assist the customer and change a negative experience to a positive one.

Performance Management

Our Customer Service Performance Management Pads use SIGFOX buttons. SIGFOX buttons are the latest innovation in the IoT – no connections required. Lasting for 2000 pushes, they are battery operated.  Your customer service delivery pads can be branded with your logo. Gain valuable real time insights into your customer’s experience by posing key performance-based questions with our convenient and unobtrusive feedback pads.

Performance management is enhanced with real-time alerts and online dashboards providing ongoing performance management and the ability to benchmark staff and overall service performance.

About our Products

  • The feedback terminals are locally manufactured and suitable for a variety of applications eg. Retail outlets, supermarkets, government departments, hotels, restaurants, large employers, healthcare, facilities management and just about any business that is customer service focused.

  • The feedback terminals can be accessed directly by the customer, without the assistance of a staff member, facilitating an environment that is conducive to open and honest feedback. The feedback data can either be used for statistical purposes, or make it possible to immediately dispatch a service manager to assist a customer.

Improve your business, reputation, performance by measuring the customer service happiness. You can receive feedback by listening to your customers and employees, on the spot or online!

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