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Service Result

What do your Service Results look like?

Don’t work in the dark without a customer feedback system. Smiley face feedback pads let you need to know daily what your customers are saying about youa simple and effective service results solution.

Looking at the image of the service results, showing service results from one client in a coffee shop/ deli, they clearly they need to up their game, but without the feedback system they would only have a “feeling” something was not right, and now they have proof.

This is only a part of a short service reulsts feedback report for our client. By placing feedback pads at various touchpoints within his stores, and bathrooms, he is able to get feedback about the cleanliness of the bathrooms and ensure they stay immaculate and the service from the counter staff and waitrons within his coffee shops/restaurants and deli.

 If you want to improve service and to isolate where it is needed; if you want to achieve loyal customers as well as increasing sales and profit; if you want to stay ahead of the pack, simply click the button below:

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