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Feedback Pad Dashboard

Keep track of your customer feedback with our unique Feedback Dashboard


With your own dashboard, you have access to the “back end” of the live system.  We give you your own login details and password. We set up your own dashboard for you, with charts from the analysis and reports that are gathered there specific to your company.

  • Monitor and manage your service performance 24/7 through our intuitive and configurable, real-time Feedback Pad Dashboards.
  • Pinpoint issues in real-time using our live alerts, enabling you to address and resolve service issues straight away.
  • Categorise, quantify and analyse open-ended responses at the click of a button.
  • Get the right insights to the right people to drive business decisions.
  • Make smarter decisions and quickly prioritise improvements that will have the greatest impact with our Feedback Pad Dashboard.

For more information or support for your feedback pad dashboard, please feel free to contact us.