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Customer Feedback Solutions

The 9 Game Changing Benefits of Gathering Customer Feedback Solutions

How does Happy or Not customer feedback solutions live up to this promise? Let’s have a look at all the benefits it unlocks: 

1. More repeat business with happy customers

Customers need to be happy so that your marketing doesn’t fall on deaf ears. They have a choice who they spend their money with and you want clients to welcome your offers and promotions, not trash them.

2. Increase new business through positive recommendations

Positive recommendations using word of mouth grow your business, and cost nothing. New clients / customers are more likely to go to a place being recommended.

But giving a recommendation has a high bar – your customers need to really trust you won’t damage their reputation by giving bad service after they recommend you.

So collecting, and acting on feedback helps guarantee that everyone is 100% happy, and will recommend you given the chance.

3. Reduce business lost

Talking to customers on how things are going face-to-face, they’ will say everything is ‘fine’, but is this what they are really thinking?

Prevent small niggles building up over time making customers more receptive to a pitch from a competitor – it’s better to make the grass always greener on your side by making it clear you always welcome candid customer feedback.

4. Promote online conversions

Use the customer feedback solutions to identify your super-fans, and approach them to develop case studies. By publishing case studies and testimonials, you increase buyer confidence giving evidence that you’re great to do business with.

5. Win competitive bids

Customer feedback solutions has 2 great benefit if your business submits competitive bids and tenders for work:

Firstly you have documented evidence from your current customers that you’re great to deal with. The feedback people who use a system like this are overwhelmingly positive, so it doesn’t hurt to add a sample to any competitive bid.

And second although more subtly – when you collect customer feedback, you have all of your current customers, in their own words, saying what’s important about your business to them.

Using this information as research to ascertain what’s important to the prospective customer you’re bidding to – and expressed in a language they’re familiar with.

6. Build your reputation with Customer Feedback Solutions 

Acting on customer feedback ensures that customer-by-customer, people are happy to come back, spend more, and refer their friends.

But what’s harder to quantify, and equally important, is the cumulative effects of all this goodwill.

7. Increase your Cross-sell & Up-sell opportunities

Happy customers mean you can open a dialogue with them, finding out who is happy or not, and why. The best time to try selling something new is when customers are happy with you. Customer Feedback Solution apps are about finding out if customers have any problems… which means asking for customer feedback. Delight your customers by fnding out what the problems are and sorting them out.

8. Increase staff teams morale and motivation

Getting praise from a customer gives work and staff teams a real boost. Positive customer feedback and praise gives them confidence that business is on the right track, and peace of mind that another customer account is secure.

Create heros in your business with positive customer feedback!

9. Improved skills

Lessons learned through personal experience is no substitues for all the training courses in the world

Tough comments can feel raw, but as long as you learn from it and put things right, you wont repeat it. Accepting customer feedback is easier than a colleague, because the person receiving the feedback knows there’s no agenda.

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