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Uplift Your Business

Customer Satisfaction FeedbackUplift your business with Customer Satisfaction FeedbackOur Smiley face customer satisfaction feedback devices makes capturing and analysing feedback so easy, you save time and energy to focus on making measurable and successful...

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Rate Your Service

Service ResultWhat do your Service Results look like?Don't work in the dark without a customer feedback system. Smiley face feedback pads let you need to know daily what your customers are saying about youa simple and effective service results solution.Looking at the...

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Generic FMCG Floor Plan

Generic FMCG Floor PlanTills - Que ManagementTills - Service ManagementDepartment - Service ManagementManager Call Option Telegram: Notifies management in real time when customer quires assisstance or had a negative experienceService Call OptionBill FolderFootfall...

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Call for Service

Call for Service Smiley Face UnitGive your customers the opportunity to let specific department staff members or management know when requiring assistance at a key customer touch-point.Why Call? Give your customers the opportunity to let specific department staff...

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Service Pads to Telegram

Happy or Not Feedback Pads to TelegramHappy or Not Survey Pads Survey pads are installed at various customer touch or interaction points Customer feedback is captured and processed, and is converted into reports (daily, weekly and monthly) Real-time alerts are sent by...

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Touch Kiosks

Touch Feedback KiosksTouch Feedback Kiosks - Branding Ready Version Super cool touch screen lets customers tell you what they think and give their details We'll brand the kiosk to look like you've made it, with your logo and everything. Arent we awesome? Your kiosk...

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Response Rate

Response RateWould you like to know what a good response rate is to your customer satisfaction survey is?There is an absolutely bulletproof method for calculating the exact response rate which is best for your survey, and your business. To make this calculation work,...

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Interchangeable Questions

Interchangeable Questions Interchangeable questions is the latest innovation offered by "Happy or Not" in the "Smiley face" feedback pad range.Benefits of Interchangeable Questions Interchangeable questions let you find out out what your customers really think and...

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How Feedback Pads Work

How Feedback Pads WorkA Complete Customer Feedback SolutionExceed your customers expectations with an easy-to-use Feedback system: Backend of the data collection service (DCS) YellowLEDstatus: Quickdouble-flash:GPRSconnected Slowsingle-flash:searchingfornetwork...

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Complete Solution

Complete SolutionA Complete Customer Feedback SolutionCustomer feedback collected using the Happy or Not App can be online or offline and accessed using your tablet or iPhone. Happy or Not customer feedback software is unique and includes everything you need to start...

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