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Why us?

We are based in Johannesburg and have many years’ experience in technology, marketing, survey configuration, IoT, and RFID.


All our products are made locally, which means the prices are extremely competitive when compared to similar products available overseas.
We can assist you in any area of your business where you need to get any sort of feedback, be it customer, clients, employees or just feedback in general.
We have devices for feedback using the latest technology that requires no plug-ins, cables or sim cards which are used for quick, simple feedback
We have devices that can ask five set questions, so that you get a deeper understanding of your customers, and then we have feedback surveys on mobile or tablets, which we can use in a Kiosk type enclosure, this type of feedback is usually for when you require to ask more questions and get deeper information.
We can offer a full 360-degree solution, by supplying the hardware, configuring your survey, and supplying the tablets. We offer full configuration of your surveys, where we offer a bespoke solution. Personal service is our key to success.

IoT Smart Devices

Smiley Face Feedback Terminals

Kiosk with Tablet

QR Code Survey

Local Storage

All our Data Stored is stored in the cloud, on our servers in South Africa


Online for real-time data,  and offline with upload options

Cutting Edge

Our IoT buttons with the SIGFOX network means we offer the very latest technology


Feedback software is fully customisable for any industry


  Software integrates into multiple platforms – web, mobile and PC.

Tailored Service

Each job is unique and custom designed for each client’s personal needs.

In the News

LM Radio contacted our close partner Surveway, to do their customer research because they needed to find out who their listeners were, where they lived, what age group, how long they listened to the station and much more. Surveway did a fantastic job and we at HoN are proud to be affiliated. This promotional video that LM Radio produced, was with the research and analytics provided by Christine Cuningham of Surveway. Turn up your speakers and listen to the great music with this video.

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