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Kiosk Feedback with Tablet and Realtime Live Survey

Floor Standing Kiosks

Feedback Devices using GSM

are your customers


                                       or not?

Smiley Face Feedback Stands
Kiosk Smiley Face Feedback
Wall/Floor Units with Tablet

Show your Customers you Care

Happy Or Not

Take Customer Service seriously with our Customer Feedback Terminals and Kiosks

It is important to gather information from your clients on their experience. Use our terminals/kiosks to get instant feedback from the people who matter the most, your clients.

Customer Experience

Improve your Customer Experience through feedback on the important parts of your business

Quick Turnaround

Instantly see how your customers feel about an addition or removal through our terminals

Online or Offline

Collect feedback online or offline. No need to worry about an internet connection

Personal Service

You will receive personalized service based on your feedback news.

Customer Feedback

Collect feedback from the most important people in your business. Your Customers.dfdf

Various Languages

Our Kiosks and Terminals can be deployed in your customers language to ensure accurate feedback 

Moment of Truth

Collect information while your clients are in the moment and experiencing your service.

Cost Effective

Our solutions will not break the bank. We have affordable solutions 

Listen – Care – Correct – Grow

Happy or Not customer feedback smiley face units give customer feedback on whether they are happy or not with the customer service, products and helps your company improve. The smiley feedback pads are versatile, can be used in any retail space, placed strategically to be product-specific with smiley faces to engage with customers.  Place a customer feedback unit at the tills, or in strategic areas in the aisle to improve your service and ultimately build loyalty

A happy customer is a loyal customer 

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