We offer all types of customer feedback devices 

*Smiley face feedback stands
*Kiosk smiley face feedback
*Wall or floor units with tablet for feedback 

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Do you know if your customers are happy or not?

Customer feedback is crucial to your business growth!

Happy or Not customer feedback smiley face units give customer feedback 

on whether they are happy or not with the customer service, products and

helps your company improve.

The smiley feedback pads are versatile, can be used in any retail space,

placed strategically to be product specific with

smiley faces to engage with customers. 

Place a customer feedback unit at the tills, or in strategic areas in the aisle to improve your service and ultimately build loyalty

A happy customer is a loyal customer 

Listen - Care - Correct - Grow

Why smiley pad customer feedback units work?

 Using the smiley pad customer feedback units you have Moment of Truth information

 Personal service for your smiley pads customer feedback units

 We use experienced developers for the feedback units

  Keep a good reputation by resolving poor customer experience

  Good service improves customer loyalty 

  Build your brand with a good reputation by keeping your customers happy

  Our smiley feedback pads are a cost effective solution for customer feedback

  Quick turnaround time

  Customer service feedback units can convert into any language

  SIGFOX buttons are the latest in IoT – with no connections, and battery operated with up to 2000 pushes

  Different smiley pad customer feedback units available with feedback solutions offered to gather customer satisfaction and experience

  Smiley feedback pads used online or offline 

  Real time customer feedback results

  Constant innovation in the happy or not customer service terminals

  Intelligent reporting of customer service feedback

  Leasing options as well as outright purchase of the system offered

  Smiley pad customer feedback units are proudly made in South Africa 







Your customer wants to know you care!

Use the Happy or Not smiley pad feedback units  to elevate your promise of

'customer service' to more than just a marketing slogan.

Meaningful customer feedback and instant response is the key.





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